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Equipment Desciptions

Double Wedge
Senior Double 37” x 15” x 7” (94x38x18cm)
Junior Double 31” x 13” x 5” (80x33x12cm)
Single Wedge
Senior Single 32” x 17” x 6” (81x43x15cm)
Junior Single 24” x 13” x 5” (61x33x13cm)
Contact pads with one or two curved wedges to absorb the biggest hits & drives made from high impact absorbing foam covered in resilient reinforced PVC
Watch Pad
Junior 46” x 20” x 5” (117x51x13cm)
Senior 52” x 24” x 6” (132x61x13cm)
Primarily designed for rucking drills the watch shaped pads offer far greater versatility than conventional pads by way of larger target/contact area and greater protection for holders and attackers
Tackle Bags
Junior 47” x 13” (120x33cm)
Intermediate 54” x 15” (140x40cm)
Senior 54” x 18” (140x45cm)
Jumbo Fat 54” x 20” (140x50cm)
Manufactured to exacting standards from one solid cylinder of foam encased in resilient reinforced PVC
Post Protector
Budget 72” x 10” (183x25cm)
Standard 72”x 11” (183x28cm)
Club 72” x 12” (183x31cm)
Premier 72” x 14” (183x36cm)
International 72” x 17” (183x43cm)
Word Cup 72” x 19” (183x48cm)
Junior 48” x 11” (122x28cm)
Manufactured to IRB recommendations using 6ft high min 3”thick impact resistant foam, available in single or multi coloured PVC along with the option of printing yours or your sponsors designs
Oval Shield
Senior 37” x 25” x 6” (94x64x15cm)
Junior 28” x 18” x 5” (71x46x13cm)
Designed to provide larger target/contact area and give protection from sticking out elbows the senior can be used vertical or horizontally
Contact suit
The ultimate for opposed full contact training Allowing real match simulation whilst vastly reducing the risk of injury
All round body protection without impeding movement available in a chioce of colours. Fully reversable
New revolutionary ergonomic designed pad features two sets of handles in two different positions for extra versatility meaning the driving/target area can be changed simply by the holder rolling the pad against his/her body for the desired angle.
Primarily designed for coaching clearing out at the ruck drills, it will also develop head-on dip and drive tackling technique.
Prior to bringing to the market the “ruck n Roll” pad has undergone extensive testing at the highest level of both rugby codes.

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